MORE Real Estate Group

MORE Real Estate Group

MORE Real Estate Group

Phone: O: 919.867.1501 919.867.1501 office
Office: Keller Williams
4700 Homewood Court, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27609

MORE Real Estate Group is comprised of a great team of specialists. Each of us is committed to meeting your needs as promptly and efficiently as possible. If you are not sure who you would like to speak to, please contact our office directly at one of the numbers listed below or hover over each of the pictures to reach us individually.

Cathy Sentgeorge Sara Hester Andy Sentgeorge
Listing Specialist Manager Marketing
~ ~ ~
Sydney Caldwell We are Proudly Affiliated with Nathalie Rivera
Buyer Specialist KELLER WILLIAMS Realty International Buyer Specialist
~ ~ ~
The Multari Team & The Sentgeorge Group - we've been around YOUR block!
The Multari Team Michele Kurlich Clay Curtis
Financing Staging & Design Licensed Contractor

The Sentgeorge Group - we've been around YOUR block!




We're not one to toot our own horn, and the fact is, it probably doesn't mean anything to you...

but we are the #1 (and Rising!) Selling Agent at KW Raleigh.


We are professional and aggressive real estate advisors who are building a successful business. We are NOT pushy salesmen or flashy marketers, and we are not waiting on people to call on our signs. We'd be happy to show you personally what we do to sell homes and how we represent our clients. Give us a call!